Branding is a key component of any online business. No matter whatever the scale of business is one should always walk along the recent trends. Because trend is a demand of time, demand of people. By following trend you are expanding your business to new horizons. Which is essentially an entrepreneur wants.

I’m writing this blog on the behalf of the APK Technosys, which is a digital marketing firm based in Reston, US. I would like to draw your attention towards the contemporary and upcoming branding design trends.

Try to enjoy it as you read and in hope your business model gets some insightful information from this blog.

Following are the 15 brand design trends, which will be the major focus of graphic designers in coming year:

  • 1. Muted Colors

    A couple of years back, neon tones were extremely popular. In any case, there has been a distinctive shift away from such intense tones since a year ago. Brand design trends currently favor muted colors. These are gentler shades that are blended in with either a dark or white base. This takes the edge off the color so it doesn’t look as brilliant.

    You can feel the subtle change in the sharpness but not in variety as you go along left to right. You can use as many colors as you want in your design but you need to tone down the brightness.

    Why has there been a shift? Because the trend caught on too well. Everywhere online you can only see bold colors, so this shift was inevitable. Quieted colors muted colors are the best response to overwhelming neons. But at the same time, they're more normal, safe, and calming — precisely what clients need to see after the disorder that has been 2020.

  • 2. Minimalism

    Minimalism has been taking over as one of the top brand design trends of the previous few years. There has been a consistent shift towards a more minimalistic style each year, and that will continue into 2021. We are seeing minimalism across landing pages, social posts, logos, newsletters, and even offline, on hoardings and branded products.

    The Dell website has used minimalism with such finesse.

    You can see the brilliant organization. There’s plenty of white space to ensure customers can see clearly. The visual and textual elements are grouped in ways to promote easy viewing. Minimalism isn't going anyplace, particularly with the rise of mobile marketing. As more clients see brand locales and content on more mobile screens, the more significant minimalism will turn into.

  • 3. Asymmetry

    The era of the grid is appearing like setting down. And its place is taken by asymmetry. We will definitely see more of it in graphic and logo design. It's a distinct move away from the pattern of the past — yet asymmetric graphics are particular and essential.

    This style additionally permits creators to embrace minimalist design aesthetics — because if in asymmetry you have more white space to move around the elements. This is what will be the 2021 trend as we can see in the following site design.

  • 4. Data Visualization

    Data has become an integral part of marketing. Yet, it isn't simply inside that Data should be shared — possibilities can be encouraged to become clients through Data. In any case, sharing raw Data holds little incentive to the viewer. You need to give it context. No one likes to look at just a bunch of numbers.

    Why Data? Since people would prefer not to work at understanding Data graphics. You can make complicated representations, yet they should be easy to understand or people will look past them.

    Look at the example below, it also uses muted color but the pie chart is easy to understand without any difficulty.

  • 5. Flat Icons and Illustrations

    The fascinating thing about brand design trends is that something old frequently turns out to be new once more. Furthermore, this is actually what we're seeing with respect to icons and illustrations.

    Flat icons and illustrations were extremely popular a couple of years prior before 3D feel took over the world. Now, we're seeing a re-visitation of the flat look for 2021. Icons have been an amazing visual device for brands previously and they will keep on being so in 2021.

  • 6. Simple and Classic Fonts

    Classic serif font styles have been making a comeback and they will be a brand design trend to continue in 2021.

    These fonts bring out elegance, trustworthiness, and nostalgia — which is the reason they're turning out to be famous once more. The world can utilize a portion of those characteristics right now.

    Mailchimp is now utilizing serif fonts over their landing pages, as shown below:

  • 7. Motion Logos

    The job of Brand content is to attract users and to remain on that page as long as possible. The more they see a post, the probability of him getting engaging with a brand increases. A similar principle applies to other marking components —such as logos.

    We realize that a brand logo is a basic piece of a company’s identity — but at the same time, it's one that people disregard in the middle over the rest of the available content. By adding motion to a logo you can reenergize the logo. In the upcoming years, we will see more motion logos like the example given below.

    Motion logos are an extraordinary method to hold the user’s attention, which is always a need in a content-heavy world.

  • 8. Overlapping designs

    We will be seeing more overlap design in 2021 in light of the fact that they tie into the minimalist design we see earlier.

    Overlap permit designer to group elements while still maintaining white space for images and readability purpose. There's another reason behind why overlaps are assuming control over brand design — they add depth to an image.

    Their proximity helps to create an association between elements. A well-executed overlapping design can be captured for users and improve engagement, which is the reason they are getting more famous.

  • 9. Geometric Shapes

    Previous year we saw a distinct shift towards abstract, flowing designs. As wonderful as that trend seemed to be, it was difficult to replicate for most companies. And because of that, brand design trends for 2021 will be adopting geometrical shapes. They are simpler to make, and they also build up consistency over a brand's visual content.

    See the Zendesk’s use of geometric shapes for their Twitter content is simply elegant.

    One can see the use of muted color, geometric shapes, and minimalism as well

  • 10. Dark Mode

    Dark mode has been assuming control over the online circle this year and it will affect brand design trends in the following years.

    OS, social networks, and Applications all are offering dark mode options for their UI. It's a smooth, current look that features design elements and reduces eye strain — it's no big surprise that applications like Twitter have already adopt the pattern.

    For the upcoming brands and apps in 2021, the dark mode option will become a necessity.

  • 11. Accessible Graphics

    Talking about eye strain, dark mode is just a single technique for making brand plans more accessible. Minimalism and dark mode have helped make components of design more clear to interpret for some people. However, designers additionally should be conscious of font sizes and weights, how to use differentiating colors, built the content for screen readers, and adding accessible controls to sites and apps.

    Accessibility is no longer nice to have a concept for brands. Content should be AODA compliant in 2021. It will make your content more socially conscious it helps you to reach a new audience that may previously found your material inaccessible.

  • 12. Social Slide Decks

    One of the 2021 brand design trends that will affect content advertisers is the ascent of social media slide decks. Channels, for example, Instagram and LinkedIn are seeing accomplishment with these slide decks, and both platforms have adjusted their algorithms to help this kind of substance.

    Zoom has been making slide decks on their Instagram page and getting a lot of views as a result. It's an incredible method to spread brand awareness while also evading the extra step of asking users to click on the link in their bio.

  • 13. Text Videos

    There is no doubt that the pandemic has affected the manner in which we work and make content. Work from home has become the standard and will keep on being so in 2021. This makes creating new video content — particularly with colleagues and the management — that much harder. Still, a brand cannot ignore social media because it draws around 4 billion viewers daily.

    Fortunately, one of the brand design trends that have taken over during the pandemic is text videos. These are easy to make and can be full of your brand’s fonts, colors, and logos. Turnaround time for text video is fast because you can skip the part of creating graphics and shooting videos. You can find out about the standards of design so your content recordings are alluring to the audience and get you more views.

  • 14. Natural Graphics

    There has been a shift towards natural designs as of late. In 2020, earthy tones in stock photography were extremely popular. Also, we will see something comparable in 2021. Nature has consistently been a fundamental piece of marking design — in the next year, nature will affect how designs are made.

    Not exclusively will we see more natural colors, yet gradients will be utilized to portray normal light settings, giving visuals a more layered look. Stock photos will need to be more natural as well — obviously posed imagery won’t appeal to audiences anymore.

  • 15. Authenticity

    The pandemic has appeared a ton of inauthentic efforts from brands, big names, and politicians. Which is the reason authenticity will be a characterizing brand design trend of 2021. We've referenced how stock photos need to look more characteristic. However, so should all different materials from brands. Put your most credible foot forward by incorporating user-generated content in your marketing visuals.

    At the point when you share messages — visual or something else — back them up with your actions.

    Take up a social reason and work towards making a change in your local community. Go behind the scene on IG and share your company's works towards bringing change in the environment. Do highlight your customers and staff members without any hesitation. Authenticity is excellent at this moment so make it a focus for your 2021 brand strategy.


Most number of the 2021 brand configuration patterns we are seeing is a result of the current year's occasions. While others are common expansions of well-known patterns from late years, others have emerged contrary to exaggerated plans. The significance of energy, cheerfulness, and inclusivity can't be downplayed.

This year has brought a ton of pessimism into the world — brands have the ability to take trust back to their clients. Associations can do this by receiving plan rules that spread inspiration, calm the client, and are stylishly satisfying.